Vernon Texas Tornadoes

Multiple photogenic tornadoes off the triple point near Vernon, TX in a late April spectacular display from mother nature.

Mangum, Oklahoma Tornado

A tornado impacts the northwest side of Mangum, Oklahoma in southwestern Oklahoma on May 20, 2019

Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado

A violent EF-5 tornado rips through Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City on May 20, 2013.

November Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

I observed 10 tornadoes on a supercell that tracked from near Frederick, OK northeastward to Binger. The strongest tornado was in Tipton - Rated EF-4

Ben Holcomb - Storm Chaser and IT Professional

Selfie on the gondola up to the summit of Mount Etna

Ben Holcomb

Storm Chaser

Ben Holcomb is a Storm Chaser and IT Professional (in that order) that lives in Norman, Oklahoma. Ben works as a Linux Engineer for his day job and watches tornadoes on his day off. He has seen approximately 200 tornadoes since 2007 and has appeared on most national television networks. Ben loves to travel and has been to all 50 states and 19 countries. He has also installed weather forecast and display systems in multiple foreign countries.

Storm Chasing Videos

Latest videos from my storm chasing adventures around the Great Plains of the United States!

Best Travel Destination

I get asked all the time, "Ben, what is your favorite place you've traveled?" My answer is always the same - Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Everything about the city from the airport arrival process to driving out of the airport and into the city is amazing. That is only the start.

Drive west an hour and you're in the most beautiful mountains on earth. Some of the most beautiful storms on earth are in Alberta. You can find wildlife from Grizzly Bears to Elk to Wild Horses all within a day drive of Calgary.

And with the Canadian<->United States conversion in money, it's a steal for US Citizens to go visit Canada right now.