American Airlines started offering daily nonstop service from Oklahoma City to Reagan National Airport (DCA) in 2019. They offered a decent round-trip price of around $200 to Washington DC over the summer. I took advantage and booked a long weekend trip. Stayed at the Embassy Suites Georgetown (Nice hotel!) and used mostly public transit. I had only been to Washington DC once before, so this was an opportunity to visit the stuff I didn’t get to last time. I also snagged a bunch of Hilton points for sitting in on the Hilton Grand Vacations spiel for an hour or so.

Particularly disappointing was the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. I really only wanted to see the Apollo 11 command module (area was being refurbished) and Neil Armstrongs suit. The amount of people inside really made the visit unpleasant. I would highly suggest visiting on a week day because a Sunday in the summer is hell.

The last 2 days of my trip I rented a car and drove down to Fredericksburg. I visited all of the national park service sites, and probably claimed at least 30 NPS stamps this trip. I also drove up to Baltimore and stayed the night there. Headed up to Philly for a cheesesteak before heading back to DC to fly home.