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"Chasecation" winding down
Friday, May 29, 2015 - 15:53

Had a great "Chasecation" 2015! Thanks to Jari Ylioja coming out again for his 5th year from Finland and for Jena McShane for coming down to Oklahoma for her second chance chasing. We had a very successful 2 weeks (4 days... read more

Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 17:20

The long institution of StormTrack changed hands last month from long time owner Tim Vasquez to Steve Miller and a huge revitalization has been going on. If you are not currently a member, it's worth checking out at ... read more

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  • Mammatus over the National Weather center earlier this evening 4 hours 7 sec ago
  • I've been to Medan before, sad news 4 hours 2 min ago
  • Audio on live chaser streams is terrible. I don't want to hear your stupid phone conversations 11 hours 25 min ago
  • 2015 was the second most miles I've driven chasing in a year at 19,559 miles topped only by 2010 when I lived in MI 15 hours 43 min ago
  • Tornado video from today by Kholby Martin Eolia, Missouri Tornado on 6-28-15 1 day 9 hours ago