Took a trip to the UK to see the final Black Sabbath concert in Birmingham. Got a great fare of $542 RT on Delta from DFW-LHR, so I planned a couple days in London before heading up to Birmingham to see the concert. I had some time to visit some of the bigger sights of London, but I was sick as can be. I also lost one of my wallets (I carry 2 wallets and my passport all separated) that had my passport card and some of my credit cards as well as bank account information in it, so that was not ideal.

Birmingham was not a bad city. I would have liked a little more time to check out the city, but again I was not feeling well and got some rest before the Black Sabbath concert.

On the way back I ended up on the same plane from LHR-ATL as fellow storm chaser Dennis Sherrod, so it was nice to have a number of hours to catch up with him.