Information Technology Professional

I work professionally in the Information Technology (IT) industry and naturally work on projects from time to time on the side. This is where I'll store some of those projects or write my thoughts on something to do with the tech industry. It may be a small how to on fixing something I've encountered, or a script I've written.

I have been working with Linux and perl since about 1999 and have been working in the IT industry professionally since my first full time job in 2005. I have experience in Windows and Linux servers as well as Windows, Linux and mac desktops. I've got extensive experience with NetApp and other storage appliances as well as Cisco UCS and Cisco Networking equipment. I've dabbled in a little bit of everything.

Technology projects

Technical Articles

Dynamic DNS on Linux using Route 53

How to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to dynamically update route53 zones.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter and Cox IPv6

How to setup your Ubiquity EdgeRouter to work with Cox residential service IPv6.

NMEA GPS to a Windows 10 sensor

Using GPSDirect to bridge the gap between NMEA and Windows Sensors

Systemd script for LDM

A systemd script for the Unidata LDM service

Spotter Network Custom Filtered Feed Script

A perl script that allows you to build a filtered list for Spotter Network in GRLevel3