Tornado Video

My tornado video library contains many severe weather events since 2008. Some of my favorites include my footage of the Wynnewood, Oklahoma Tornado where I came face to face with an EF-4 tornado in Oklahoma. Another includes being almost inside a tornado in the northwest Kansas town of Selden. Debris was flying through the air with sheet metal scattered everywhere.

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Featured Tornado Video

Insane Tornado Video

If you are looking for some of the most insane tornado footage, you are in the right place. Some of the events I got close include Dodge City, Wynnewood, Selden, and Bowdle. Some criticize how close I get to tornadoes, or how excited I get around them. If being next to one of the most violent forces of nature doesn’t make you scream your lungs out and feel alive, I don’t know what will.


My camera since 2016 has been a Sony CX-900 which shoots beautiful 1080p60fps. Beforehand, I shot on a Sony CV-260 and a Panasonic hard drive HD camera. Someday soon I will update my camera to 4k. Until then, enjoy the 1080p60.

Tornado Videos


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