Traveling is something I love to do and try to do as often as possible. I try to fly for cheap or free anytime I go anywhere, and find the best deal possible on cars, hotels and attractions. I’ve used a lot of strategies from credit card sign up bonuses to earning frequent flyer miles through flying and spending on credit cards, and following airfarewatchdog and theflightdeal on twitter for the best deals on travel. I don’t always have a destination in mind or dates, rather, I try to be flexible on both. Also, living in Oklahoma City (OKC) metro area means I have to be somewhat flexible to flying out of Dallas (DFW and DAL) or Tulsa (TUL) if need be.

I keep track of all of my flights on It’s a nice social media site for keeping track of time spent in the air.

I have been to:

  • 82 airports
  • All 50 US states
  • 25 National Parks
  • 18 countries
  • 3 continents

I also have kept a map of all of the places I’ve visited, including airports, national parks and tornadoes I’ve seen.


Witnessed a Tornado
Memorable Storm
Place I’ve visited/been
Place I’ve Lived
Airport I’ve flown in or out of
Amusement Park I’ve Visited
National Park I’ve Visited