I’m Ben and I grew up in Lansing, MI before moving to Norman, Oklahoma in July of 2010 where I currently reside. I work in the IT industry as a Linux Engineer for my “day job” but enjoy weather, traveling, sports, amateur radio and fishing.

Storm Chasing

I have an insane passion for chasing tornadoes, which is mostly what brought me to Norman – That and a hatred of winter. I became interested in weather at a young age and eventually got into amateur radio and skywarn spotting in 2005. A couple of years later on October 18, 2007 I would go on my first “storm chase” where I witnessed a funnel cloud in Fulton County Indiana. The storm would later produce an EF-2 tornado in the town of Williamston, MI just 15 miles to the east of my apartment. Since then I have been addicted to seeing the worst mother nature has to offer. I’ve witnessed approximately 175 tornadoes and traveled well over 100,000 miles since 2007 and appeared on most national news outlets at one time or another.


I also enjoy traveling, having been to all 50 states as well as almost 2 dozen countries around the world on 3 continents. I got into photography between storm chasing and traveling, and have a Canon 6D DSLR I use to take photos of trips and storms. Some of my favorite destinations include Dubai, Singapore, Alaska, Amsterdam, Los Angeles/Southern California, and Calgary, Alberta.


I also like going to rock concerts, having seen over 100 bands live. My favorite and most notable concert would have to be Black Sabbath’s final show in Birmingham, England in February 2017.


I’m a huge fan of football and hockey. My favorite teams are the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines.


Ben in front of the Dodge City, KS Tornado May 24, 2016