Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: August 1, 2008
Chase Partners:
Andrew Glenn

Chasers Encountered:
Johnathan Brouwer

Miles Logged: 360
States Chased: MI, IN, OH
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

A small chase on my day off leads me to the Van Wert, OH area and nothing really of subsidence. I left Lansing and met up with Andrew Glenn in Marshall. We headed south on 69 where we saw an awesome anvil structure and ran into a storm just north of Fort Wayne.

Everything was very elevated and we ended up stopping at a Meijers on the east side of Fort Wayne where we saw shopping carts blow in the wind and got pea sized hail. We ended up getting behind an Amish buggy coming out of the parking lot, which was about the most exciting thing to happen all evening.

We chased the cells Southeast towards Van Wert and didn’t see anything but a lot of rain, cloud-to-ground lightning and some small pea sized hail. Ended up stopping near Van Wert for a drink at Sonic and headed back to Fort Wayne, IN. Stopped off at John Brouwers house for Pizza and to see how he was doing. Returned home eventually empty handed. That’s how it goes sometimes.