Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: May 8, 2015
Miles Logged: 418
States Chased: TX
Got car out of ditch

Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

I’ve put off writing about this day for awhile, so the details may be a little sketchy. This was a decent day, with a nice jet overhead and good moisture and instability down in southern Oklahoma and North Texas. My dad had come down for this weekend of chasing, so he came along with me on this day.

We headed out of Norman to Chickasha and west before I really decided to head south towards Texas.

We arrived on a storm near the OK/TX border in Burkburnett where we headed west. It was mostly outflow, but we stuck with it abit heading back into Oklahoma a mile on I-44 before deciding to bail further south yet again.

Storms were going up near Throckmorton and Seymour and to the east, so we dropped due South out of Wichita Falls heading towards Archer City.

It was at this point I became not impressed with the storms to my west, but to a new cell going up just to our east. We had a great east option out of Archer City so we took off after it heading down FM-174. As we were nearing an intercept near Bowie I hit a deceptive patch of water and hydroplaned off the road into the ditch.

Luckily we were able to get someone to pull us out and the car was driveable minus a vapor canister dragging underneath. We drove to Bowie and tried to work on the car, but rain and lightning were too much and made it almost impossible to get out of the car even under a gas station canopy.

Without luck at holding the old canister up, we decided to pull it off and see how things worked. Surprisingly they worked fine other than a check engine light, so we tried to head home.

We got many miles into Montague County before being blocked at multiple roads by HUGE flooding, and head to back track to Bowie to get out of there, then eventually northwest into Oklahoma up US81. Flooding sucks.