A big hobby of mine is riding roller coasters and visiting amusement parks. This is a list of all of the coasters I have ridden in my lifetime in the order that I can best remember.

  1. Jr Gemini, Cedar Point
  2. Iron Dragon, Cedar Point
  3. Disaster Transport, Cedar Point
  4. Demon, Six Flags Great America
  5. Shockwave, Six Flags Great America
  6. Tidal Wave, Six Flags Great America
  7. Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point
  8. Mean Streak, Cedar Point
  9. Wildcat, Cedar Point
  10. Gemini, Cedar Point
  11. Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cedar Point
  12. Corkscrew, Cedar Point
  13. Blue Streak, Cedar Point
  14. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic Kingdom
  15. Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom
  16. Raptor, Cedar Point
  17. Mantis, Cedar Point
  18. Corkscrew, Michigan’s Adventure
  19. Zach’s Zoomer, Michigan’s Adventure
  20. Wolvering Wildcat, Michigan’s Adventure
  21. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
  22. Shivering Timbers, Michigan’s Adventure
  23. Mad Mouse, Michigan’s Adventure
  24. Titan, Six Flags over Texas
  25. Texas Giant, Six Flags over Texas
  26. Wicked Twister, Cedar Point
  27. La Vibora, Six Flags over Texas
  28. Runaway Mountain, Six Flags over Texas
  29. Shockwave, Six Flags over Texas
  30. Mine Train, Six Flags over Texas
  31. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
  32. Ghostrider, Knott’s Berry Farm
  33. Xcelerator, Knott’s Berry Farm
  34. Boomerang, Knott’s Berry Farm
  35. Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  36. X, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  37. Ninja, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  38. Superman: The Escape, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  39. Gold Rusher, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  40. Riddlers Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  41. Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  42. Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  43. Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  44. Thunderhawk, Geauga Lake/Michigan’s Adventure
  45. Dominator, Geauga Lake
  46. Villain, Geauga Lake
  47. X-Flight, Geauga Lake
  48. Steel Venom, Geauga Lake
  49. Head Spin, Geauga Lake
  50. Big Dipper, Geauga Lake
  51. Woodstock Express, Cedar Point
  52. Big Dipper, Michigan’s Adventure
  53. Giant Dipper, Belmont Park
  54. Scream!, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  55. Deja Vu, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  56. Psyclone, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  57. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  58. Silver Bullet, Knott’s Berry Farm
  59. Jaguar, Knott’s Berry Farm
  60. Montezooma’s Revenge, Knott’s Berry Farm
  61. Raging Wolf Bobs, Geauga Lake
  62. Double Loop, Geauga Lake
  63. Pepsi Orange Streak, Nickelodeon Universe
  64. Fairly Odd Coaster, Nickelodeon Universe
  65. Maverick, Cedar Point
  66. Italian Job: Stunt Track, Kings Island
  67. Flight of Fear, Kings Island
  68. Racer, Kings Island
  69. Adventure Express, Kings Island
  70. Top Gun, Kings Island
  71. Face Off, Kings Island
  72. Rugrats Runaway Reptar, Kings Island
  73. Beast, Kings Island
  74. Vortex, Kings Island
  75. Beaver Land Mine Ride, Geauga Lake
  76. Batman The Ride, Six Flags Over Texas
  77. Mr. Freeze, Six Flags Over Texas
  78. Flashback, Six Flags Over Texas
  79. Judge Roy Scream, Six Flags Over Texas
  80. Evel Knievel, Six Flags St. Louis
  81. Mr. Freeze, Six Flags St. Louis
  82. Boss, Six Flags St. Louis
  83. River King Mine Train, Six Flags St. Louis
  84. Batman The Ride, Six Flags St. Louis
  85. Ninja, Six Flags St. Louis
  86. Diamondback, Kings Island
  87. Son of Beast, Kings Island
  88. The Raven, Holiday World
  89. The Legend, Holiday World
  90. The Voyage, Holiday World
  91. Superman: Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great America
  92. Dark Knight, Six Flags Great America
  93. Vertical Velocity, Six Flags Great America
  94. Iron Wolf, Six Flags Great America
  95. American Eagle(Blue), Six Flags Great America
  96. American Eagle(Red), Six Flags Great America
  97. Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America
  98. Viper, Six Flags Great America
  99. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Great America
  100. Incredible Hulk, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  101. Dragon Challenge (Red), Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  102. Dragon Challenge (Green), Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  103. Flight of the Hippogriff, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
  104. The New Texas Giant, Six Flags over Texas
  105. Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  106. Fiorano GT Challenge, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  107. SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, Nickelodeon Universe
  108. Goliath, Six Flags over Georgia
  109. Dare Devil Dive, Six Flags over Georgia
  110. Mind Bender, Six Flags over Georgia
  111. Batman The Ride, Six Flags over Georgia
  112. Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags over Georgia
  113. Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags over Georgia
  114. Dahlonega Mine Train, Six Flags over Georgia
  115. Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags over Georgia
  116. SheiKra, Busch Gardens Tampa
  117. Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa
  118. Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa
  119. Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa
  120. Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland
  121. Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Canada’s Wonderland
  122. Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland
  123. Thunder Run, Canada’s Wonderland
  124. Vortex, Canada’s Wonderland
  125. Wild Beast, Canada’s Wonderland
  126. Dragon Fire, Canada’s Wonderland
  127. Flight Deck, Canada’s Wonderland
  128. Time Warp, Canada’s Wonderland
  129. Back Lot Stunt Coaster, Canada’s Wonderland
  130. Fahrenheit, Hersheypark
  131. Wildcat, Hersheypark
  132. Wild Mouse, Hersheypark
  133. Lightning Racer, Hersheypark
  134. Storm Runner, Hersheypark
  135. Trailblazer, Hersheypark
  136. Sooperdooperlooper, Hersheypark
  137. Sky Rush, Hersheypark
  138. Great Bear, Hersheypark
  139. Comet, Hersheypark
  140. Phantom’s Revenge, Kennywood
  141. Thunderbolt, Kennywood
  142. Racer, Kennywood
  143. Jack Rabbit, Kennywood
  144. Sky Rocket, Kennywood
  145. Gatekeeper, Cedar Point
  146. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  147. Apocalypse the Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  148. Green Lantern: First Flight, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  149. Full Throttle, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  150. Twister II, Elitch Gardens
  151. Sidewinder, Elitch Gardens
  152. Mind Eraser, Elitch Gardens
  153. Boomerang, Elitch Gardens
  154. Mamba, Worlds of Fun
  155. Prowler, Worlds of Fun
  156. Santa Monica West Coaster, Pacific Park
  157. Coast Rider, Knott’s Berry Farm
  158. Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great Adventure
  159. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure
  160. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  161. Runaway Mine Train, Six Flags Great Adventure
  162. Mindbender, Galaxyland West Edmonton Mall
  163. Intimidator, Carowinds
  164. Fury 325, Carowinds

Personal Top Coasters

  1. Sky Rush, Hersheypark
  2. Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point
  3. Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland
  4. Fury 325, Carowinds
  5. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  6. The New Texas Giant, Six Flags over Texas
  7. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  8. Goliath, Six Flags over Georgia.
  9. The Voyage, Holiday World
  10. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain