Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: April 23, 2010
Miles Logged: 660
States Chased: TX, LA
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

After the big bust for me in West Texas the day before, I woke up in Sherman, TX. Anxious to get back out and try again, I headed east towards Shreveport. This trip would be my first time in Louisiana.

Hurry up and wait

I got into Texarkana right around lunchtime. That seemed to be too far north at the time, so I dropped south to Shreveport. I hung around the Loves in Shreveport baking in the sun for most of the afternoon. I was wishing I had slept in a couple more hours.

Storms fire way west

I admittedly was not very good at reading surface maps at the time, and didn’t realize the dryline was lagging far west as compared to the models. Storms fired way west near Waco, so I started heading west.

Storm intercept near Jacksonville, Texas

As I neared Jacksonville, I did a quick skype phoner with The Weather Channel. The most impressive thing I’d see would be some mammatus clouds.

Shortly after, the dryline unzipped from Northwest Arkansas through central Texas. I figured I had completed busted at this point. As it would turn out, I would get on a tornado warned storm near Rusk, TX near sunset.

Dinner and driving east

Kris and I met up at the Bossier City IHOP for dinner and to make plans for the next day. We headed east on I-20 with an original target of Monroe. As it’d turn out, we’d make it all the way to Vicksburg before grabbing a room around 3 am.