Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: May 24, 2010
Miles Logged: 1080
States Chased: SD, MN, IA, IL
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

May 24th was largely a bust in my book, and really shouldn’t have been. I woke up around 9am that morning and started looking at things, and wanted to either take US-12 west into North Dakota or at least Highway 20 to Bison, SD.

Adam and Danny had stayed up a bit too late partying the night before, and didn’t get up till a little bit later. I told Adam that Bison should be our target, but it took another hour or two before we finally hit the road.

We headed down US12 west to the Bowdle area, and headed back somewhat the way we came up the other day. I wanted to head west on US212 but Danny and Adam ended up wanting to go south towards Pierre and intercept the stuff coming out of Nebraska.

The stuff to our east near Faith was dropping tornadoes and while it would have been questionable that we could have ever caught it, if we had left earlier we could have easily caught it and the other storms that produced that morning.

We ended up south of Murdo and intercepted the cells coming out of Nebraska as they were completely falling apart.

We gave up early and headed east and stopped at Hardee’s in Mitchell, SD where we were greeted with Andy Gabrielson’s video of the amazing tornadoes we missed.

What a long ride back to Chicago. Adam was mad enough that we drove all night and got back to Chicago around 6-7am. Adam dropped me off at Chicago Midway so I could get my truck out of the parking garage ($89 for parking!) and then head to his house where we could sleep most of the day.