Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: September 2, 2010
Chase Partners:

Chasers Encountered:

Miles Logged: 63
States Chased: OK
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

There wasn’t a lot to this chase – Other than it was my first chase as an Oklahoma Resident. The SPC had put us in a slight risk for Wind, and even had 30% probabilities earlier in the day. They backed off those probabilities, but storms did end up firing later in the afternoon to the northwest of Oklahoma City.

The storms congealed into a line that struck the OKC metro area. I got out of work and grabbed my chase gear and headed up to just northwest of the Airport to intercept. I measured a gust to 43 MPH and saw a lot of dirt kickup as the line came through. I then followed the storms down I-44 to State Highway 9.

I took SH-9 back east towards Norman where I ran into some penny sized hail, although most of it was pea to dime sized. I measured winds there to about 35MPH.

All in all, a short chase, but a fun little chase and a fun storm.