Marlow, Oklahoma Tornado – May 8, 2016

Date: May 8, 2016
Location: Marlow, OK
I found myself witnessing the Marlow, OK tornado after starting the day on a left split from that same storm. The first storm we were on was near Mountain View in Western Oklahoma. It provided pretty structure and hail. We measured hail over 2 inches in diameter in the city of Mountain View. After the left split passed, we headed to the right split of that storm. It was slowly churning across Comanche and Stephens county, dropping large amounts of water.

The hook slice on Highway 7 from that storm was brutal. Extremely high precipitation supercell with little visibility. Once we punched through the hook it put us right in a perfectly place to see the tornado.

Not a bad chase. Casual drive a couple hours from my house. Saw some structure and a tornado, then came home and had a steak.