I booked a trip to visit my friend Tom over the leap weekend in 2020. The Red Wings were in town and I still had some AA voucher to eat up. DFW-YOW for less than $300 seemed like a decent deal, and I finally got to visit Ottawa.

The flights connected in Philly, with a 787-800 back on AA from PHL-DFW. I had a real short connection on the way up and came into A11 and had to make it to F31. There was some running, a bus and some more running, but I made it.


Tom showed me around the town on my short visit. I saw where he worked, and visited downtown. I can definitely see Ottawa is worth a visit in the future during the summer. Canada is always worth it, it seems. I also was happy to finally get pictures of Parliament.

The Canadian Tire Centre was a pretty nice arena. Tom had gotten us tickets into the Rogers box, which was right on the blue line. What a great place to watch a game.

I got in on the cheap deal from OKC to Montreal for December, so I’ll get to see more of Quebec. This trip included the first new state/province since I got Idaho in September 2017.