Got in on the $275 round-trip fares on Delta from DFW to Spain. JR and I chose to fly to Barcelona and then back from Madrid. Originally we were looking at another destination to fly to during our trip, but then it hit us: Road Trip.

We picked up a car rental near our Hotel in Barcelona (Hilton Barcelona, very nice as usual) and dropped it off in Madrid. Total came to about 200 USD for the rental and approximately 150euros or so for the fuel. Not bad for a road trip to destinations that would otherwise be unseen.

The highlight of the trip was most definitely the Picos de Europa National Park in Spain. This was my first European National Park and one of my favorite so far. I also enjoyed San Sebastian and Bilbao a lot. The Guggenheim Museum is worth a visit if you plan to be in that area.

San Sebastian is famous for their pinchoes, so we stopped there for lunch. The spread inside the restaurant (pictured below) was incredible.

Pamplona as well as the drive up to Pamplona from Barcelona was also pretty decent. The architecture is pretty cool, as well as seeing the home of the running of the bulls.