High Risk bust in Texas and Oklahoma

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Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: April 26, 2009
Chase Partners:

Chasers Encountered:
JR Hehnly, David Drummond

Miles Logged: 788
States Chased: OK, TX
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

After starting the day off in Moore, I was going to hit a target of Sayre or Shamrock again on Sunday as I had on Saturday. After looking at some surface obs, and some models, I decided that the better play would be south near Childress, TX. After grabbing some Sonic in Moore, I headed down I-44 and shot west on US62 to Hollis, OK, where I sat for awhile.

A cell started popping just across the Red River, and I decided to head southwest to Eldorado to intercept it. As I was driving, the cell pretty much fell apart, and I headed south into Texas, meeting up with David Drummond in Quanah. We shot east to Vernon and then south to intercept the cell coming up from near Crowell. This was the cell we stayed on for the rest of the day, chasing it up through Frederick and all the way almost to Oklahoma City.

The cell started getting somewhat organized and dropped a cone funnel south of Vernon before dissipating. JR Hehnly met up with us while we were watching it, and would stick with us for the rest of the day. We topped off our tanks in Vernon and then headed up towards Frederick. The cell cycled up just west of Frederick, putting down another wall cloud and a momentary funnel before again dissipating.

We followed it up to Snyder, and yet again it cycled up a wall cloud and a funnel with a ton of rapid rotation. I was convinced the cell was going to produce right then, but as before, it dissipated. We went north, and decided to shoot east through the wildlife preserve to get back in position without having to core punch. We got north to SR-19 and then took 58 north to Carnegie, OK. We observed some power flashes to the west of 58, but they seemed to keep happening in the same place, and there wasn’t anything under the cloud base to attach it to.

Once it rolled into Carnegie, it dropped a huge funnel that I thought for sure was going to touch down. Again, as before, that dissipated and then the cell started to die down as it was being influenced by the line of crap behind it. We gave up in Binger, OK and headed back south and drove back to Lubbock that night.