Moderate Risk Bust in Louisiana

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Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: April 13, 2019
Chase Partners:
Zack Cooper

Chasers Encountered:

Miles Logged: 1139
States Chased: LA
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

Zack and I had been both watching the NAM from 84 hours out and saw some great potential for Saturday the 13th in Louisiana, which is not the greatest chase terrain, but the forecast soundings were pretty impressive. An extremely moist and unstable airmass would be fed all day by the Gulf of Mexico as a highly negatively tilted trough with steep lapse rates overspread.

Shear profiles were great as well. Some faster storm motions, but we figured the Louisiana road network wasn’t so bad that we couldn’t keep up.







We headed down to Shreveport and stayed the night at Zacks mom’s house. It was shortly after we arrived that the warm air advection fueled storms started hitting Shreveport and persisted overnight and into the morning, dumping large amounts of rain.

Due to cloud cover and ongoing storms, we didn’t get motivated or on the road very early. Eventually we headed down I-49 towards Alexandria. The first storm went tornado warned in Alexandria, and unfortunately we were actually stuck by the red river and pretty much had to let it go. The rest of the day we continued east trying to remain in position for anything else firing and perhaps putting ourselves in position for the storms in southwest Mississippi. Unfortunately, nothing else really materalized, and we headed back to Shreveport for the highlight of the day – a place called Shane’s which served some of the best gumbo and red beans & rice I had ever had!

Shane’s Seafood & BBQ in Shreveport