North Cascades National Park

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This was a trip that I almost wish I had not gone on as it was plagued with troubles from the beginning. The original plan was to fly to Seattle and go Whale Watching and visit the North Cascades National Park as well as the Future of Flight museum in Everett over the weekend.

Due to poor weather, whale watching was cancelled before I ever left Oklahoma. To further complicate things, Southwest airlines had major problems getting me to Seattle which has left me of the opinion that I will never fly Southwest again. Their plane went mechanical in Oklahoma City and it was a nightmare from there.

I did get to do the future of flight and tour the Boeing facility in Everett as well as visit North Cascades National Park. I decided to also visit Spokane and knock Idaho off my states visited list as it was the last state I had left to visit. I tried my best to make lemonade out of lemons.