Travel Details

A weekend visit during the peak of fall colors to Glacier National Park in Montana. Crowds were light to moderate on Saturday and not so bad Sunday and nonexistent Monday. Flew up on Alaska Airlines and back on Delta, all using Delta skymiles to fly OKC-FCA roundtrip.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Visited Waterton Lakes National Park across the border in Canada. From there I took a boat across Waterton Lake back to the United States. I got a special stamp in my passport from US Customs and Border Patrol as well as a special NPS Passport stamp. Once I got back into Canada, I checked out Waterton Lake National Park. It also seems like a great park that I will need to spend more time in.

My favorite part of this trip was seeing a wolverine in the wild at Goat Haunt on the American side of Waterton Lake. Of course, another customer on the boat had seen a bear in Alberta a few days prior. I had been in Alberta the week before looking for bear with no dice.

Final Day

I also only spent the day I was leaving to look at Bowman Lake and Kintla Lake. Both of them look like beautiful, phenomenal places to visit in the future.