I booked a trip to Medford, Oregon (MFR) during the early days of the 2020 pandemic, and thus got a killer deal on airfare on Delta. OKC-MFR was around $250 round trip in Main Cabin. Crater Lake was a National Park I have wanted to visit for years, but it’s not easy to get to for cheap from Oklahoma.

I headed out on Friday evening, flying for the first time on Delta since the pandemic started. Great flights including bumps on all legs to first or comfort+. 3 of the 12 first class seats were filled on one of my flights, with plenty of open economy as well.

Anyway, I landed and got my car and headed to the Hampton Inn. Saturday included a trip up to Crater Lake National Park. What a beautiful place, and definitely in the top half of National Parks.

I drove down through Klamath Falls and into California to visit the town of Weed. I had to make a weed stop at the Weed Store in Weed. The scenery and the view of Mount Shasta coming southbound on US-97 is pretty incredible. I ended up making a pretty large loop back into Northern California through the Pacific Coast Range.

Sunday I woke up and headed down Redwood highway into the Redwoods National Park before stopping off in Crescent City. Neat little lighthouse in that town that you can visit during non covid times. I spent all day working my way up the coast line before witnessing a spectacular sunset at the Heceta Head Lighthouse beach park. A long drive through Eugene and back to Medford before a 6am flight home the next day.