Visit in March 2016 to see Canyonlands and Arches National Park. I flew into SLC and rented a full sized SUV to take me down to Moab. However, Trapt was playing in Salt Lake City that night, so I stayed in Provo. After a short slumber, I woke up and drove down to Moab, and drove right to Canyonlands first.

Canyonlands was amazing. The views are great, especially down at the Grand View Point. I took potash road back to the city of Moab and checked into my hotel. I was tired as could be and fell asleep stupid early, waking up around 3am. Might as well shower and head out to photograph some night sky as well as get sunrise photos. I was obsessed with my previous day drive, and wanted to get it in better light, so down potash road I went. I got some great night exposures with my new full frame Canon 6D and 14mm lens.

I went to the Dead Horse Point as well. Such a spectacular view of the Colorado River below. I headed over to Arches National Park and spent some of the morning and afternoon in that beautiful park. I didn’t have time to see much, but I did it all before catching an 8 pm flight in SLC.