Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: May 7, 2020
Miles Logged: 419
States Chased: OK, TX
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

Pre Chase

Tornadoes were definitely out of the question with no deep moisture return from the Gulf directly proceeding this day. Some nice structure did seem likely, and I decided to set off to see some of it. I was in no hurry to leave Norman. I decided to work an almost full day, leaving around 4:30 pm.


I took off down I-44 to 62 to 183 in Snyder. Reports were coming in near Hollis and down to Quanah of chasers losing their windows with baseball sized hail. While I love some big hail, I decided I wanted to keep my new car out of the hail today and focus on the structure.

Supercell Structure

My first stop was south of Frederick just over the red river in North Texas. Beautiful mammatus clouds had overspread the Red River area into North Texas. The beautifully sculpted supercell near Quanah had come into view as well by that point. The structure was quite impressive.

I headed through Vernon and down south on 183/283. I setup multiple places for some amazing shots and video time lapses.

Lake Kemp

Stopped next to Lake Kemp and got some great photos as the supercell structure approached. I headed out just in time, before all of the rain and hail started falling.

Had multiple stops south of Lake Kemp, eventually ending up near Olney at sunset. I setup for a last set of photos and video before breaking off the storm and heading back to Norman.

My tank was filled just before leaving Norman, and I made it to Burkburnett, TX before refilling. The gas bill? $16. These are crazy cheap chasing days we are living, and I love it.


Video of a supercell in North Texas on May 7, 2020


“Dark Times” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0