Storm Chase Details

Chase Date: April 22, 2013
Chase Partners:

Chasers Encountered:
Jeromy Carter

Miles Logged: 344
States Chased: OK
Largest Hail Encountered: 1.5"
Severe Risks: SPC Outlooks

Chase Recap:

I think this might be my favorite non tornado chase day of the year due to the photogenic nature of the storms. Headed up north of OKC into Alfalfa County to intercept storms along the OK/KS Border. The one storm had tornadic potential Dacoma, OK before it was undercut. Nice, large, rotating wall cloud was observed.

After dark lightning opportunities were also very good. Jeromy Carter stopped by and we talked while I shot lightning photos. Always good to meet up with him. He also stopped by a little later when I was on the side of the road with a tire pressure sensor. Good thing I was just low on air and was able to get to a gas station and fill up with air.